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Out With the Old, In With the New

By November 1, 2017Uncategorized

Bigbelly is modernizing the way cities across this nation take out the trash. In the City of New York, the streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant is among the few neighborhoods across the five boroughs where 10 new high-tech waste and recycling receptacles have been situated.

Earlier this year, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a $32 million plan to reduce the city’s rat population, which included the use of 336 new waste containers with a mailbox opening to prevent animal access to discarded food.

Every Bigbelly is solar-powered and equipped with sensors that are designed to reduce waste collection by up to 80 percent, deliver location-based messages and notifications, among several other features.

As a result, our city is on the path to increased productivity and sustainability through the use of smart technology.

The Bed-Stuy Gateway BID remains committed to maintaining a clean public space for small business owners, patrons, and neighboring residents. We look forward to the anticipated expansion of Bigbelly throughout our corridor.

For more information, visit http://bigbelly.com.


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