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Protect Yourself from Coronavirus (COVID-19) Scams

Our office (District Attorney of Kings County) is committed to protecting the public from scammers and solicitors trying to take advantage of fear and confusion over the Coronavirus pandemic. If you or a loved one believe you have been targeted or are the victim of a crime, please call our Action Center Hotline at (718) 250-2340 to speak with a specialist and file a report.

Our law enforcement partners have identified several common Coronavirus scams to be aware of:

In addition, the Federal Trade Commission has issued practical tips to protect people from Coronavirus-related scams.

Ultimately, caution and diligence remain the best tools to defend yourself from scammers and solicitors. Please continue to stay informed through verified government agencies and trusted sources of information, do your homework before purchasing products online or donating to charities and ignore calls, emails or offers from sources you don’t know.