Safeguard Your Business

Public Safety

Recent burglaries have occurred in the business district of Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood.

Physical Security

  • Consider installing an alarm system throughout your business.
  • Access to rooftop protected.
  • Roof openings secured.
  • Safes lighted and in open view
  • Cash drawer open to prevent damage.
  • Locks modern and adequate.
  • Doors locked and barred.
  • Windows locked and barred.


  • Consider installing a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system.  Position them at all exit/entrances and never in direct sunlight.
  • It should be able to capture a person’s image from head to knee and allow for full facial view.
  • Position monitor near front door in view of customers entering business.


  • Exterior lighting should cover the perimeter of your business and should be bright enough to aid the cameras in detecting clear images.
  • Interior lighting should be bright throughout the entire business.
  • For further information or assistance in regard to the security of your business, feel free to contact the 79th Precinct Crime Prevention Officer (718) 636-6626